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Volume 74 Number 3 Autumn 2019

Volume 72, Number 2

Volume 74, Number 3, Autumn 2019

ISSN 1017-7108 (Print) / ISSN 2671-9312 (Online)

English Teaching publishes quantitative and qualitative research studies and response articles that critically reflect on current practices in our profession in East Asian context. Each issue offers around 10 research studies and response articles.

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    Table of Contents
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      Lexical Richness in EFL Undergraduate Students’ Academic Writing
      Hye Seung Ha
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      Structural Use of Lexical Bundles in the Rhetorical Moves of L1 and L2 Academic Writing
      Ji-yoon Hong
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      A Search for EFL College Students’ Culture-Related Rhetorical Templates of Argumentative Writing
      Myung-Hye Huh, Inhwan Lee
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      Effects of Rubric-Referenced Self-Assessment Training on Korean High School Students’ English Writing
      Jinsook Kim
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      Challenges and Trials: Implementing Localized TBLT for Novice L2 Learners Throughout Three Semesters
      Nayoung Kim
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      Alternative Vocabulary Learning Approaches in EFL Setting: Bottom-up or Top-down?
      Jeong-Won Lee, Kyeong-Ok Yoon

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      How Do Multicultural Family Mothers Perceive Child’s English Education?
      Sreypov Siv, Myonghee Kim